Emily將隨機挑選24條題目模擬Life In The UK測試為大家做更好的考試準備。我將盡全力為大家搜羅更多試題,每日更新。

“The Life in the United Kingdom Test” is a test for individuals seeking Indefinite Leave to Remain in theUK or naturalisation as a British citizen. The test lasts for 45 minutes, the entrants have to answer 24questions. Remember that you need to get at least 75% to pass this test.

1. When did people learn how to make bronze?


2. Which operas were written by Gilbert and Sullivan?


3. Who developed important Human Nature ideas?


4. Which flag has a white cross on a blue background?


5. Which countries are in Great Britain?


6. What did Henry VII do?


7. What is the money limit for the small claims procedure in England and Wales?


8. Who was Queen Elizabeth II married to?


9. Who became Prime Minister during WWII?


10. Which operas were written by Gilbert and Sullivan?


11. When is Halloween celebrated?


12. Who was one of the founders of England’s naval tradition?


13. The UK government hasn’t used the power to suspend the Northern Ireland Assembly


14. What must the police officer tell you if you get arrested?


15. Who won two gold medals for running in the 2004 Olympic Games?


16. Under which king did the people unite to defeat the Vikings?


17. What did the Chartists campaign for?


18. What is not a fundamental principle of British life?


19. What is the system that automatically deducts tax called?


20. When were the women given the right to vote at the same age as men?


21. Who can get a 50% discount on their TV licence?


22. Where does the Prime Minister reside?


23. What percentage of the population has a grandparent born outside of the UK?


24. What is the Church of England known as in Scotland and the US?


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